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Ethical code

Aiming to contribute to the development of the Italian economy and the nation’s civil progress within the European context, Anacam feels the duty to increase the reputation of its business sector as an independent, accountable and ethical social entity.

Anacam includes:

  • associated entrepreneurs;
  • entrepreneurs holding positions in the association;
  • entrepreneurs who represent the association in external bodies.

Who commit to setting up transparent models of behaviour characterized by autonomy, integrity and ethics.

Associated entrepreneurs must be involved in pursuing the objectives in compliance with the rules, since every single unethical behaviour causes negative consequences within the association, damaging the category’s reputation affecting public opinion, the legislator and the public administration.

The entrepreneurs of the Association must keep in mind that their every action, both in the professional function and in the associative one, consequently causes repercussions within the category and the association system.

Therefore, according to the aforementioned considerations:

1. As entrepreneurs, they commit to:

  • maintaining a correct and fair attitude towards customers, suppliers and competitors;
  • safeguarding the safety of their customers in relation to the specific professional activity, implementing the most effective measures;
  • guaranteeing the safety of their employees and collaborators, as well as promoting their professional growth in full compliance with employment contracts;
  • considering the environment as a priority;
  • establishing and maintaining healthy relations with the public administration, with institutions, with political parties.

2. As associates, they commit to:

  • participating in associative life, having the interest of the category and the association as a priority, excluding the possibility of relationships with competing associations or organizations and reporting to the association, in advance, any other memberships;
  • respecting the association directives and expressing their ideas in the internal debate

3. As Association leaders, they commit to:

  • providing the competent bodies of the association with all the necessary information;
    • accepting their election as bound to their:
    • personal behavior;
    • professional behavior;
    • behavior within the Association.
  • carrying out the tasks with a spirit of service towards the associates, without drawing any personal advantage;
  • acting responsibly with loyalty, integrity and autonomy towards members and institutions, canceling their own political opinions during the course of their mandate;
  • considering and treating associates with fairness, regardless of the size and history of their business;
  • involving the decision-making bodies of the association for an open management of the various issues;
  • postponing their mandate if, for personal, professional or objective reasons, the position could damage the image of the association and entrepreneurs.

4.  As external representatives, they commit to:

  • developing the mandate in the interest of the designating body and associates, according to the guidelines suggested by the association and / or regional organizations;

  • reporting on the performance of their mandate;

  • remitting the mandate for reasons of incompatibility or lack of participation or, in any case, at the request of the association or regional organization .

Regional organizations commit to informing Anacam about their possible representation in public, private and legally constituted organizations. The application and verification of these behavioral rules is delegated to the Board of Arbitrators.

The Board must also provide a mandatory, but not binding, opinion on aspiring Anacam members and on subjects proposed for external association positions.